October 23rd, 2006 by Bryan Smith

Let’s get straight to the down and dirty! (Hmm, actually that opening statement can be put on the list.  It’s not though, so use your own discretion.  Plain and simple, sometimes “Hey baby, let’s bone!” doesn’t seem to cut it, so you need to be a little creative.  Well, if you’re not then here’s a list that can help you out.

  • Gettin’ Your Dinky Stinky
  • Hiding the Bologna
  • Throwing Dick Down the Stairs
  • Having a Little Humpa Humpa
  • Deep Sea Fishin’
  • Forraging for Cherries
  • The Tube Snake Boogie
  • The Horizontal Monkey Mambo
  • Hot Beef Injection
  • Making The Beast With Two Backs
  • Can I Wash my Winking in Your Kitchen Sinky?

Remember, creativity!  Mix and match and trade with your friends.

4 Responses to “Other Ways to Say Your Having Sex”

  1. R Says ():

    You forgot…

    - Smashing pissers.

  2. sheldon Says ():

    you also forgot
    Vulcanize the whoopee stick In the ham wallet

  3. your mom Says ():

    that sheldon guy f***ing rocks!!! bloodhound gang all the way!!!
    cattle prod the oyster ditch with the lap rocket…

  4. For Trekkies Says ():

    Beaming up Scotty

    Firing the Photon Torpedo

    Raising the shields

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