August 23rd, 2006 by Glen Howie

Have you ever noticed that there is a stipper named ‘Candy’ at every strip club in the world? Original or rare stripper names are very rare. Let’s face it, you never hear the DJ say, “Put your hands together for the beautiful Marla.” All strip club DJ’s get trained at the same place, and hence, they all have the same voice. You’re much more likely to hear something like,”EveryonemakesomenosieforDestiny.” With this in mind, here are Bacon Magazine’s ‘Top Ten Stripper Names’

  1. Destiny
  2. Candy
  3. Angel
  4. Cherry
  5. Raven
  6. Anastasia
  7. Roxy
  8. Houston
  9. Porsche
  10. Crystal

If you go to your local strip club, and don’t see at least one girl with one of these names, then i’ll eat my shorts! But that won’t happen… thanks to Destiny.

Be sure to check our follow up: More Top Ten Stripper Names (and its awesomely original title)

112 Responses to “Top 10 Stripper Names”

  1. Johnny Wadd Says ():

    Very true dude.

  2. tommy miclosh Says ():

    You are so right everyone uses these names i know 5 girls that use these names out of the list (hehe)

  3. Mrs. Fox Says ():

    My name is Desi Desktop Destiny. But I’m no stripper. So SCREWWWW YOU GLEN.

  4. jennifer Says ():

    my stripper name is Kalie not used in many but sweet and naughty

  5. roxy Says ():

    i stongly disagree with this. i have never met a stripper named roxy.

  6. Amanda Says ():

    Actually ~ I work at a strip club ~ & NONE of the names above are used !!

  7. sophia Says ():

    what about Chastity?

  8. miss J Says ():

    well my striiper name is beautifull. and at my club only 4 of those names were used.

  9. becky Says ():

    mmmm, Have worked in 7 strip clubs in new zealand and never heard of any of these names..!

  10. Rumaire Says ():

    I don’t believe none of those are I think Diamond is. It’s a popular name in every strip club..

  11. Becky Says ():

    is savannah a good one?

  12. alfred Says ():

    well first and foremost i dont care what your name is as long as i get what i want when i go to da club, ya dig! so no matter your name just make sure you should be a stripper and dont think cause you use a “stripper” name that makes it ok, holla holla!

  13. Sir Huffington Says ():

    I want a revote. I’m pretty sure TINA should be on the list. What… do we have a monkey working this webpage? TINA clearly be in her mid-40s, with dry leathery old skin and would have the biggest smokers cough in the bar. She would come up ask you if you want an LD with one of those voiceboxes to talk as well.

  14. Buck Naked Says ():

    How could you leave off diamond? Not only is it a name used in every club, I think its been in plenty of movies about strip clubs. Cinnamon too.

  15. Cuervo Says ():

    I think Trinity has gotten real popular since the Matrix movies …

  16. LuckyNick Says ():

    i have been with all those strippers… almost in that order :-)

  17. MDIDDY Says ():

    I’ve ridden a stripper named Posche, does that count?

  18. little miss hoe Says ():

    Hey I think lexus should totally be on the stripper list. Sounds like a total skankish wild woman.

  19. Athena Says ():

    I am a stripper at club bristol in bristol, WI and well I dance by the name Athena. How’s that for original?

  20. jiggles Says ():

    Need I say more. I go by jiggles!

  21. im a whore Says ():

    weeeell,like any of yo folk can say much ima strip dancer for Snoop Dogg&P-Diddy. They gave me some kick-ass job in a high quality strip club. But i dont actually dance RIGHT IN FRONT of all the people they put in in one of those rooms, like in the movie HOSTEL. But i DEFENITLY dont kill them, i ride them. But the strip clubs over here in NEW ZEALAND are soooo different because noone shoces money down yo’ crack. Its weird? But my stripper name, depending on what club im at is either Mandy or Yulia. But Dolly was my street name. Yo’ dig?

  22. kelly Says ():

    my stripper name is cherry
    pop lock & drop it;)

  23. Dot Com Says ():

    What about JUSTICE?!

  24. caddy on 22's Says ():

    i am married to a stripper…cherry boy i love poppin that cherry

  25. Dessy Says ():

    my name is Destiny.. and im NOT a stripper. and ive never heard theese stripper names

  26. Raven Chemistry Says ():

    well my middle name is raven and i don;t work in a stipper club but i like to dance naked in my spare time and i love riden dem boys. so maybe i should be a stripper!? Yo’ dig?

  27. andi Says ():

    i think the only names i’ve never heard anyone use are anastasia and houston. devon is kinda popular too. my stage name is andi, but sometimes i use madmartigan or hellscream.

  28. Scarlett Says ():

    Well I definately seen or heard of a girl to match each of those names and I don’t think its far fetched that they are so prevalent expecialy any name that ends with a Y. I have also know several Diamond’s and Chandler’s, and Casey’s. Which is why I’m just Scarlett and up until two days ago I have never heard of another stripper named Scarlett.

  29. christi Says ():

    I go by Ally. Something sweet and innocent. Something realistic. But you are right. I dont know about Raven, BUT every other one is at my strip club. haha!

  30. hdgfg Says ():

    okay i think amorosa should deffinatly be in there…

  31. ash Says ():

    hahah, so true. my stripper name is candy :]

  32. _grant_ Says ():

    The only name I haven’t heard is “Porsche” Well done…and the “Strip Club DJ Voice”? Couldn’t be more spot on…classic.

  33. Trouble Says ():

    The club i work in has a Destiny… no Candy or Porsche, but we have a Crystalla… lol

  34. Vegas Says ():

    what about vegas bcz whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas

  35. More Top Ten Stripper Names Says ():

    [...] Names July 18th, 2007 by Glen Howie It seems like a lot of people felt that our list of the ‘Top Ten Stripper Names’ was either wrong, or missing essential names.  Since I have to admit that some of these names are [...]

  36. Egans Says ():

    What about Finola? I swear I have seen a Finola at every other club I’ve been to…

  37. scarlett Says ():

    im not a stripper, but my names scarlett and i heard alot of people say that it sounds like a strippers name. yes, no??

  38. Glen Howie Says ():

    Be sure to check out More Top Ten Stripper Names. Scarlett is in there! You sure you’re not a dancer?

  39. yourmom Says ():

    i think lexi is not a stripper name, cause its only for people who are sexy, and strippers are trashy.. not sexy.

  40. Karina Says ():

    LOL HAHA ;-) actually tht is sooo true ive worked in many strip clubs and ive heard every single one of them names. actually mine is cherry but theres a difference its cherry tart LOL i love it. nobody’s called that and everyone loves it. STRIPPERS ARE SEXY. by the way well most. I AM ;-) hehe cheeky HAVE FUN xxxxx

  41. morgan Says ():

    i need a stripper name!!! give me some ideas!!

  42. Erica Says ():

    Im a stripper, but my stripper name is Ryan. I dance with girls by the names of Destiney, Raven, Roxy, and Candy…Ive been to a lot of other strip clubs around my area in KY and the names are pretty similar so i am gonna agree with u

  43. Leysa Says ():

    I have managed a strip club for 10 years and the only name i havent heard yet was houston!! They do come up with some really dumb doozies these days!!!

  44. Scarlett from Van Says ():

    Scarlett is SUCH a typical stripper name! I should know, it’s mine :D

  45. dyanna Says ():

    I like “COOKIE” thats my stripper name

  46. melissa Says ():

    I like sexylexi

    Candy is wicked cute.
    And So is KinkiKiki!!!

  47. Starr Says ():

    my stripper name is pinky

  48. Sophie Says ():

    My Stripper name is Sophie or Sophia

  49. DjB Says ():

    Sorry, guy…eat your shorts, cuz I manage a strip club in MIlwaukee and NOT ONE of the names you list works for us. nice try.

  50. Mystic Says ():

    I am a stripper and most of the ones I know are named Mystic. In fact, so am I. I LOVE POLE DANCES

  51. Jamie Says ():

    You left off AMBER! Maybe it’s more white trash than stripper, but is there a difference?

  52. Back in Black « Chelsea Hotel No. 2 Says ():

    [...] a name like “Sierra” or “Diamond” or “Martinique” or some other stripper-esque nomenclature, roughly 90 middle-aged women in their finest Chico’s and Talbot’s ensembles and a [...]

  53. pete Says ():

    Savannah, or Skylar … girl skylar obviously

  54. EVA Says ():

    my stripper name is Eva… only 2 of these names are used (angel and candy)…scarlett is soooo popular as thats what i was guna be called until someone in the club used it… most girls in my club have real stage names like Sam, Danni or cCharlie

  55. Ha^zel Says ():

    thanks for the help. iam just starting to get in the stripping bussiness. look for a sexy but classy name nothing to WILD!

  56. Michelle Says ():

    well my name is Housten…and my gf’s names are charry and candy, and we love our names!!

  57. Destiny Says ():

    My dancer name is DESTINY! And i have worked with 6 of those names.

  58. LA the DJ Says ():

    Well, I’ve been a strip club DJ for 4 years, and I can vouch for Candy, Destiny, Porche, and Crystal being pretty common.
    Some of it has to do with the part of the country you’re in as to some names being more common than others. For me Simone, Monique, and Angel are VERY common.
    …and while most strip club DJs are trained in a remote location in the Mojave desert, I was trained by a wise sensei in Japan.

  59. LA the DJ Says ():

    …oh and I nearly forgot…

    As for dumb… We once had a girl who insisted on being known as “Showtime”.

    And a girl who went from “Haze” to “Ameliana”. More than four syllables = DJs nightmare.

  60. Andi Says ():

    Ok so those are all good ones, I’ve also seen a lot of Serena, Serenity, Star, Trixie, Kiki, anything playful. If you work in a big club you have to start using actual names because there just aren’t enough food names to go around. But um, two things, first people named “Destiny” (at birth) complaining about how their name is not a stripper name… get over yourselves. Your mothers aspired to be strippers when they were younger, couldn’t accomplish that, much less anything else, so they put all their hopes and dreams onto you, figuring already having the name would get you in the door. Second, for the people running their mouths about how those names suck and they’ve never seen such names might not want to mention their clubs are in places like Milwaukee, WI… What are the names there? Trashy, Fatty, Ugly, Bertha, something equally as sexy. Advise… save up, get some plastic surgery, move to New York, Chicago, Vegas or LA and change your name to a sweet food or expensive car.

  61. banging hips cherry lips$ Says ():

    Misty, amber, trina, mystic, fantasia, Sabrina, Hazel, sappire,Asia, jewel, shana, clea,Brandy,and martina are all the girls who are at my strip club my striper name is Maritza.

  62. tastystacy Says ():

    i like the names,charley,devon and dillion

  63. Buck Says ():

    My Stripper name is Buck Quicklord

  64. Mercedes Says ():

    Im A Stripper and I go by Mercedes,Havn’t heard another stripper by that name so i chose it.Ive heard candy alot and angel and roxy a few times havnt heard the others though.

  65. Miss Kitty Says ():

    At the strip club where I work, a majority of the strippers have cliche’ names: Diamond, Mercedes, ect.
    Mine, though, is Bailey.
    Sounds innocent, yet sext.

  66. Dale Says ():

    Dallas is a very common stripper name, also. Bella has got to be one of the worst stripper names out there.

  67. cherry Says ():

    Very true I use one of the names, so I’m not so original.

  68. cherry Says ():

    Oh and I have also worked with an angel,roxy, raven, candy and Anastasia.

  69. lioni BUTTER Says ():

    my stripper name is butt sex.. all the guys love it casue i give it to them every nite ;) for free

  70. Peggy Says ():

    Well I use my real name.. So add Peggy to the list of those names!!

  71. harry muffdiver Says ():

    i dont care what your names are..its not the name im lookin at
    dont ever break character again i wanna see some action

  72. Miss Spoon J Says ():

    Well mine used to me Sophia.. then was forced to change to Cherry..

    i know 2 chicks whos names are Imogen and Laila.. i like them, i think their rarer than the ones on here and sound better.

  73. ashley Says ():

    i worked in Pennsyalvania and i worked with a girl named Siren, lexi,kenney, venom, hunny, and mine was faith but i think i need a new one.

  74. diamond Says ():

    my name is diamond and dat dam sure ain’t no strippa name

  75. maria Says ():

    my stripper name is dallas leather rock…bet you won’t find that one anywhere :) I also have a friend that goes by candy heaven bomb.

  76. Marie Says ():

    dude ur so right I work in Chicago & I know a stripper with each one of those names. Mine’s Ecstasy…& I can def say it’s a major hit!

  77. Andrea Says ():

    My friend works at a strip club and there aren’t any strippers with the name Destiny. So…… eat your shorts!

  78. Sarah Says ():

    I’m a stripper and my stage name is Nina. I do hear a lot of girls named Mercedes, Roxy, and Angel.
    Good list.

  79. Em Says ():

    Hey just so you know… It would be cute if someone had a name that was simple like M or Z???? i think there cuteee. Or Desera, Peace, Danny,HoneyDO,Rose,Spring,Hotcoco,Mochaboom,Fizz,MClovin,Mamea,McClure,Italy,Dove,Pigion,

    I know some of them are crap..
    FOr all you strippers looking for a name i think the most origional,and sexy are :HoneyDo,Pigion,and M. Pigion is what tramp calls Lady in THE LADY AND THE TRAMP. yeah,,

  80. Athena Says ():

    Ok I hate it when strippers use the name Athena.
    Cause I happen to just randomly look like that could be my buisness.
    And ATHENA is my real name. And all the time people
    think I am a prostitute or a stripper.
    So please just stick to Candy. Its better. Haha

  81. andre Says ():

    i dont care about names i care about ass

  82. Lara Says ():

    My stripper name is Sasha and is very cute:) I think Desire, Obsession and Star are very common names too, and Dynasty….hate that one!!!

  83. corona Says ():

    well muh strippa name be taquila cuz i likes it when they take belly shots…if ya lyke suppa phresh and FAT strippas, yuh i said FAT not PHAT, then im tha one yuh want…get it big and get it dun!!



  84. nymphadora Says ():

    lol! well my stripper name is nymphadora and its just like the best name ever! no one else has it and my best friend ever is chloe but she goes by treebeard and everyone loves us at da club!

  85. loosey goosey Says ():

    nymphadora…YOU SUCK. i challenge you and treebeard to a battle royale.

    get me some waffle fries biatch….for free

  86. Chuck Says ():

    Some common names I have heard are lipitor, hydrochloride, stopwatch, sparkplug, lamppost, megatron, optimus prime, and joanne. My names Chuck, and I like to PARTY.

  87. Melanie Says ():

    Believe it or not, out of all our local strip clubs, not ONE of these names belong to any of the ladies lol

  88. Says ():

    i’m fury. ive heard of candy, but then im a southern stripper. they have some interesting names.

  89. Mark Says ():

    I run a stripper agency in England and Candy is used by about 5 different strippers in the UK none of which are nice or work for me!!!

  90. Desiree Says ():

    My name is Desiree, I don’t know if it would be a great stripper name but I love my name and my Stripper name is “JADE” what do you guys/girls think? of both.

  91. mynaughtystory true sex stories & confessions » Private Dances Says ():

    [...] very similar experiences when I was a stripper.  While on the subject, here is the list of the top 10 stripper names.  And finally on the subject of strip clubs, I would love to get some new strip club reviews from [...]

  92. Roxi Says ():

    hell yea im a stripper and my name is Roxy

  93. lil ms bust it baby Says ():


  94. Bronson Says ():

    How about ms lemme cock tease you?

  95. Kimberly NightGood Says ():

    I think the two best names for a stripper are: Chachita and Sulivan.
    And if you are a male striper: Chico-Boa.

  96. Annalikes2suckabananna Says ():

    Iv been a stripper for 30 years now… im bysexual so iv slept with every girl with those names and every guy with those names!!!! ;p

    -Lindsny Lohan

  97. hot stuff Says ():

    ive been a stripper for like 15 years and it is the hottest job ever also you get to kiss girls with out being yelled at its hotttt and boys you dont know BECOME A STRIPPER paris is my bicth

  98. Candy =P Says ():

    hahaha. why are people taking this so seriously haha. Candy is the best stripper name out. or Crystal Fukalot.

  99. lmao. Says ():

    my stage name is the little spermaid.
    pretty original?

  100. SweetTasteInYourMouth Says ():

    Oh HELL no! 30 years as a stripper?!? I think it’s time to retire….who are your clients? Moses and Noah?

  101. Val Says ():

    My stripper name is Ecstasy #76 Marie we have the same name how awesome ;) …its a Hott name!!

  102. Sexy selena Says ():

    I think that girls use the name crystal, candy, Daisy are over used..Anastasia is a hot name for any stripper. :)

  103. Selena Says ():

    wat about tila tequila

  104. hornetha Says ():

    im a stripper at ricks tally ho in rochester, ny and i go by the name of hornetha…
    if you think about it it sounds like horny.

  105. Dutchess Says ():

    Well I start at a strip club Tuesday and I can’t come up with a name! My partner in crime is like you should be koko! But I’m like I want somethin no one there has so I’m thinking like roqui(rocky) thunder or like trouble cause the name I wanted (insatiable) was already taken!

  106. Scott and phil Says ():

    peaches or phoebe r the strippers names we miss them in the list

  107. Amanda Says ():

    I’ve heard all of these names used over and over and over again. It’s so true dude. Nice…LOL

  108. Jane Says ():

    sooo I love it. at my local strip joint, there is an older lady… named tina………. who is disgustingly tanned and leathery… so whoever said that before.. pretty much fucking bang on!

  109. Gene Says ():

    The best ones are named after cities, states, and liquor.

  110. britt Says ():

    my stripper name is cobra its feirce and unique like me, no girls at my club go by those names but they are popular

  111. Dania Wodarski Says ():

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  112. KiKi Says ():

    well my dancing name is Sparkle…i hate it now but i cant seem to find another =(

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