July 21st, 2006 by Bryan Smith

You may be in a public place. You may be out with your girlfriend’s parents and want to make a good impression. You may even just be hanging with the guys and want show of your vast knowledge and expertise. Whatever the case may be, you just may need to know Other Ways to Say You’re Going to the Bathroom (aka Taking a Crap).

I gotta…Toilet

  1. … drop the kids off at the pool.
  2. … go pinch a loaf.
  3. … throw another log on the fire.
  4. … make a deposit.
  5. … cut some cord.
  6. … go deep sea diving.
  7. … go for a grunt.
  8. … float a boat.
  9. … build a log cabin.
  10. … lube up the rusty star fish.
  11. … go prarie dogin.
  12. … go make a stinky.
  13. … see a man about a horse.
  14. … shoot some torpedo’s.

These work great a parties and impressing new friends!

10 Responses to “Other Ways to Say You’re Going to the Bathroom”

  1. Matt Says ():

    i goota shake the dew off the daffadil

  2. David Says ():

    we say grow a tail or my personal favorite making a stink pickle

  3. Ali Says ():

    We say I have a meeting with Saddam hehehehheheeh

  4. Ali Says ():

    we say “I’m gonna drop a mine”

  5. Nathan Says ():

    This is a terrible one, but kind of funny:

    “I’m dropping the Cosby’s at the pool…”

  6. matt Says ():

    “i gotta take the browns to the superbowl”

  7. cow Says ():

    I’m paying a visit to the Thinking Tank

  8. bathroombuzz Says ():

    lol, very creative words when it comes to nature calls…

  9. mark Says ():

    i always say “i have to drop a turkey sandwich”

  10. nick Says ():


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